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Origin: Zambia  
Natural Emerald   weighing 4.96 carats from Zambia

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It's a natural Emerald stone weighing 4.96 Carats/5.4 Ratti. The octagonal-shaped Panna stone comes with 10.50 x 9 x 7 mm. The Zambian Emerald stone has a facet cut with medium color intensity, great polish, and visible inclusions. Get this 5.4 Ratti Panna stone with IGI/IGITL lab certificates.  

As per our experts, the gem is suitable for astrological purposes. Individuals who want to wear and gain Emerald's gemstone benefits can wear it in a ring, pendant, or bracelet. Remember, be it Panna or any other gem is not beneficial to all zodiac signs. So, contact us to help choose the best stone for you. 

Country of OriginZambia
Carat/Ratti5.96 Carats/5.44 Ratti
TreatmentUnheated and Untreated (Oiling Only)
CertificationLab Certificate Available
Refractive Index1.57 - 1.58


According to Vedic astrology, zodiac signs including Gemini and Virgo can wear Emeralds. Besides, the ascendants of Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn can also wear it. The stone's ruling planet is Mercury (Budh), so donning it can bring Lord Budh's blessings.  

Facing business loss, perpetual debt, and lack of support from colleagues is a sign of malefic Mercury. Malefic effects of Budh can also include constant fever, and throat and skin-related issues. If you feel you've been dealing with these problems for a long time, consider wearing an Emerald.  

Additionally, people can wear it to enhance their intelligence, humor, and wit. It is excellent for banking, accounts, trade, commerce, computers, networking, and transportation professionals. If you want to buy the Panna stone, contact us at GemsRoot today for 100% natural Zambian Emeralds.