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Origin: Zambia  
Natural Emerald   weighing 4.21 carats from Zambia

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It's a beautiful, high quality and natural Zambian emerald stone. It weighs 4.21 carats/4.58 Ratti with dimensions of 10 x 9.50 x 6.50 mm. The stone is faceted and cut into a square shape. It has high clarity with minimal visible inclusions, excellent polish, and vivid color intensity.  

 The rich and saturated green color of the stone makes it astrologically beneficial. And as per Vedic astrologers and gem experts, it's a sought-after color in the industry. Consider buying the radiant emerald if you desire good health, wealth, and success in life. Our specialists are available to assist throughout the buying process.  

Country of OriginZambia
Carat/Ratti4.21 Carats/4.58 Ratti
TreatmentUnheated and Untreated (Oiling Only)
CertificationLab Certificate Available
Refractive Index1.57 - 1.58

The benefits of wearing emeralds are many. And this 4.58 Ratti Panna is faceted cut, so it transmits lights better. Ultimately, meaning the wearer will gain maximum benefits wearing this stone. The gem's color is also a favorable one. Emerald is suitable if you are a native of Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs.  

Wearing Panna can treat speech disorders and improve communication. Besides, it can enhance intellectual, arithmetic and reasoning abilities. It also promotes financial growth and status. Couples facing troubles in marriage can foster love, compassion and understanding through Emerald. Finally, the Panna stone helps enhance fertility. So, wear it for marital bliss and progeny.  

Remember not all emerald stones are fruitful to everyone. Factors such as origin, color, cut, clarity, and carat, influence the astrological benefits a lot. So, be sure to choose a high-quality panna stone from a reliable gemstone seller - GemsRoot. We are offering the 4.21-carat emerald at 90,304.50 INR. Contact our experts for further assistance.